Tehachapi’s Schools are
 among the  best in 
the county.
We have the 
potential to be one of the
best school districts in
the state.

Len Evansic

TUSD School Board Trustee

Putting Students First!

Great Schools

Continual Improvement




be on the school board.  The job takes a lot of time, and there is no pay for doing it.  Quite simply, it is not about me, but for the children of our school district.  I want them to be be the best prepared, for opportunities that they find in their future.  A good educational foundation is a necessity today, and will only be more important, tomorrow.  Fundamental shifts in our national economy have changed what is required of our students, but little has changed in their preparation for the larger world.

Public education faces many challenges, and as taxpayers, we are all stakeholders in the success or failure of our schools.  My personal goal, as a board member, is to champion changes that will better position our students for success in tomorrow’s economy. 

People often ask me why I want to

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Voting Record

Each member of the board has to cast votes.  It is a required part of the job, and one of the few clues to the community on how a board member thinks, when they discharge their duty.

Why did the board vote that way?

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Our votes are public record, but the deliberations preceding the vote are not recorded in the meeting minutes.  Occasionally, a sound bite may be recorded in the newspaper account, or in a TV interview, but this is rare.  Sometimes, the discussion is held in closed-session, and cannot be disclosed.  Most votes are easy or clear-cut, but occasionally we have to vote on controversial issues.  I put together a page that  contain a list of my votes and the rationale behind them.

I Value Your Opinion

Putting Students FIRST!

I have tirelessly worked over the last two years to improve the Tehachapi Unified School District. 

I’ve done my best to represent all students and families in the district.  I am concerned with any and all topics, when it comes to the educational environment of our schools.  As a board member, I cannot solve any problem on my own, but I can bring the issue to the attention of people who will do their best to remedy the situation.  Please, don’t hesitate to contact me, for any reason.